"Affective music creation team. = Hyd Lunch"

Hyd Lunch is [Affective music creation team] of Yasuyuki Matsuzaki who plays guitar and Hiroaki Watanabe who play piano. We create sound, composite and also arrange music together. (when we create music, both of us play guitar, bass, keyboard and do programming. )

Hyd Lunch was a rock band which had concept c (VOICE + INSTRUMENTAL) x EFFECTc but, all members of the band had moved on then decided to stop their performance. After that, Matsuzaki and Watanabe started making music separately in the different directions for a while.
Matsuzaki had a chance to perform, as a member of Dub Rock Unit gSKUNK HEADSh in several large rock festivals, and also to be a support player for the Japan Tour of Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic). Watanabe started his solo music project gre:plush. This debut album got the #1 on iTunes Hip Hop track chart and also the 3rd album (2015) got #1 again then had chance performance of abroad.
Matsuzaki and Watanabe got a chance to make soundtrack for video game together, then decided to re-start making music together under the name of gHyd Lunchh again. Now, we, Hyd Lunch offer music for the video game and musicians. (We offered the opening & ending theme for gYAKUZA 5 (SEGA/PS3) h)

We have contracting sounds but create a beautiful harmony together...
Our specialties arec
Matsuzaki is good at such as putting a solid guitar track to hard digital rock beat, then create heavy band ensemble.
Watanabe is good at such as gentle and calm sounds of Mellow Hip Hop, House music and Electronica music.

Even if we create different type of music separately, we have a common feature which is glyricalh. Our certain skills and these differences make capable of all genres as wide range of music production, and itfs much more quickly and flexibly, because of Matsuzaki and Watanabe as Hyd Lunch.

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